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Easy Smoke Kills Found by VALORANT Players Due to a Broken Clove Interaction

VALORANT’s Newest Agent Clove Has a Game-Breaking Smoke Glitch

VALORANT players have discovered a glitch involving the newest agent, Clove, that is giving players an unfair advantage on the battlefield. According to reports on the VALORANT subreddit, Clove’s smokes have a desync issue that causes players inside the smoke to have their vision blocked earlier than players outside the smoke. This glitch allows Clove players to smoke off areas and gain an unfair advantage in gunfights.

The Peek Advantage

The glitch provides Clove players with a quick window of opportunity to gain information and land kills. When timed correctly, Clove and their teammates outside the smoke can catch a glimpse of opposing players before the smoke fully activates. This allows them to spam shots at the enemy’s location and predict their movements, resulting in easy kills.

Riot Games Working on a Fix

Fortunately, Riot Games is aware of the glitch and has indicated that they will investigate the issue. Game designer Penguin responded to the original Reddit post, acknowledging the report and assuring players that the development team will take the necessary steps to fix the bug. If the glitch is easily repeatable and exploitable, Riot Games will release a patch to address the issue and maintain a fair playing environment.

Clove’s Dominance in Ranked Play

Despite the glitch, Clove has quickly become a dominant force in the game. They boast some of the highest win rates among all agents in various ranked distributions. From a 53.3 percent win rate in Gold to a 53.4 percent win rate in Ascendant, Clove is a popular choice in multiple team compositions and ranks.

With Riot Games actively addressing the smoke glitch issue, players can expect a fix in the near future. In the meantime, players can take advantage of Clove’s powerful kit and strong win rates to climb the ranks in VALORANT.