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BLG highlights the untapped potential of this overlooked weapon in VALORANT

The Upset Victory of Bilibili Gaming Over NRG in VALORANT Champions 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Bilibili Gaming (BLG) emerged victorious over NRG in the VALORANT Champions 2023 group stage. This unexpected upset was made even more remarkable by the strategies employed by the BLG players, which included trash-talking their opponents on stage and effectively utilizing one of the lowest-skill guns in the game.

On the second map of Split, BLG’s player Wang “whz” Haozhe consistently utilized the Judge, a low-skill shotgun, both defensively and aggressively against NRG’s experienced core. Employing a combination of sneaky positioning and satchel jumps, whz showcased the true potential of the Judge and left the second seed from NA bewildered.

It wasn’t just the Judge that shocked NRG. On map one of Lotus, BLG staged a comeback victory in overtime, thanks to the efforts of Zhong “Biank” Jian Fei and his Fade ability. The chaotic nature of the game seemed to spur on the decision to use the Judge, as BLG believed it could easily catch flankers or lurkers off-guard.

In the VCT, the Judge is most commonly used during save or force rounds when players don’t have enough credits to purchase more powerful rifles. However, whz defied convention by consistently buying the Judge during full-buy rounds when he could have chosen a rifle instead. This unconventional approach paid off for BLG, as evidenced by round four of Split.

During that round, NRG successfully executed a site play on A, but whz, armed with the Judge, positioned himself in heaven and eliminated s0m with an aerial attack through a smoke screen. This unexpected move caught NRG off-guard and ultimately led to their demise.

BLG’s innovative use of the Judge continued throughout the match. In round 10, with BLG leading 6-3, whz once again chose the shotgun over a rifle and managed to secure kills in mid, preventing NRG’s progress. The most morale-crushing round for NRG fans came in round 14 when whz used the Judge for their first buy round on the attacking side. His tactical decision-making and precise aim resulted in a series of kills that secured the victory for BLG.

After the round win, Liu “Knight” Yuxiang engaged in some trash talk directed at FNS, further demoralizing NRG.

What sets these Judge plays apart from typical ranked and professional VALORANT matches is the versatility displayed by whz. Whether it was aggressive satchel plays, lurking in smokes, or defensively holding choke points, whz kept his opponents guessing. This unpredictability mirrored the fear that an Operator can instill in enemies, forcing players to remain vigilant and clear every corner to avoid falling victim to the Judge’s devastating shotgun blasts.

With their impressive win over NRG, BLG now face the formidable Fnatic on August 9. If they can secure another victory, it will solidify their status as a major contender. However, if they falter, they will have a chance to redeem themselves against NRG on August 13 for the final playoff spot from Group C. Regardless of the outcome, all teams participating in Champions are now well aware of the fear and shock that the Judge can inspire in their opponents.