April Fools’ Day prank in VALORANT suggests a worthy addition to voice comms

By Arjun Nair
April Fools’ Day prank in VALORANT suggests a worthy addition to voice comms

Introducing the VALORANT April Fools’ Update: The Deception Detector

April Fools’ Day is often a challenging time for those in the games media, as it is flooded with fake announcements and joke updates. However, amidst the silliness, there are occasionally some good ideas. In the latest VALORANT “Update 4.1,” we discovered a unique addition.

Swapped Abilities and Eye Wash Stations: A Glimpse into the Update

VALORANT “Update 4.1” introduced enthusiasts to a range of new features. Among them were swapped abilities and the introduction of eye wash stations for flashes. Additionally, the update’s trailer provided players with a cursed glimpse of Raze’s hands using Breach utility. However, the most intriguing feature of this year’s April Fools’ Day update was the “deception detector,” which mutes players if they are found to be lying for the remainder of a round.

A New Era of Real-Time Lie Detection in Gaming

Implementing a lie detector in voice communication recognition software poses legal and ethical challenges, as it would likely involve the use of AI for real-time lie detection. However, considering that Riot Games already records and monitors VALORANT communications to combat toxicity and abusive language, why not run these communications through a lie detector as well?

Honesty and Accountability: Essential Elements of Teamwork

Honesty among players is crucial for effective teamwork. Sentinels coach Kaplan can attest to the impact of holding players accountable, as demonstrated by Zellsis’ contribution to the team’s victory at Masters Madrid. On April Fools’ Day, the “deception detector” takes center stage, targeting purposeful and malicious lying.

However, there are situations where lying becomes necessary. For instance, when playing with a lower ranked friend who may not be performing well, it becomes important to provide encouragement and support.

Yet, there is a specific type of lying that the “deception detector” in VALORANT would effectively combat—the deceitful fabrications fabricated by tilting and toxic players when they are losing. Nobody lies quite like children when they are defeated, and if they can remain silent for just a single round, it would be a welcome relief.

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