All Teams Eligible for VCT Masters Madrid

By Arjun Nair
All Teams Eligible for VCT Masters Madrid

The Upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour Event: Masters Madrid

Masters Madrid, the first international VALORANT Champions Tour event of the year, is just around the corner. This highly anticipated event is surely going to delight fans, who have been eagerly waiting for over six months since the last major tournament of this hero shooter game.

Qualification Process for Masters Madrid

The four VCT 2024 leagues have been engaged in their regional Kickoff tournaments. Each league will send two teams to Masters Madrid, making a total of eight teams competing in the event. These teams have earned their spots through their performance in the Kickoff tournaments.

Tournament Format and Structure

The tournament will kick off with a Swiss-style stage, followed by a double-elimination bracket. The introduction of the Swiss format is a new addition in 2024, complementing the adjustments made in the VCT structure and points system.

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