Absolute JUPITER emerges victorious in the RAGE Japan Invitational

By Arjun Nair
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Absolute JUPITER Dominates RAGE Invitational VALORANT Tournament

Team Absolute JUPITER, a squad of former CS:GO players, emerged victorious in the Japanese VALORANT tournament RAGE Invitational today. They showcased their dominance by winning every match with ease and only dropping a single round per match in their first three sets. Their impressive performance included victories against AVALON Gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Nora-Rengo, securing their spot in the grand finals.

Lag Gaming Challenges Absolute JUPITER in Title Match

In the title match, Lag Gaming proved to be a formidable opponent for Absolute JUPITER. While JUPITER lost the first map, Lag Gaming showcased exceptional gameplay and won significantly more rounds than any of JUPITER’s previous adversaries combined. However, JUPITER narrowly triumphed on the Ascent map with a score of 13-8.

JUPITER’s Dominance Prevails in Grand Finals

In the second map, Absolute JUPITER returned to their dominant form. With an outstanding performance by takej playing as Sage, JUPITER secured an unassailable lead. The series came to an end with a clever incendiary triple kill by barce, resulting in a 13-6 victory for JUPITER and their triumph in the RAGE invitational. takej was awarded the MVP for his strong performances on Reyna and Sage in the grand finals.

Promising Future for Japanese VALORANT Scene

The RAGE Invitational, featuring 16 teams in a single-elimination bracket, showcased some of Japan’s well-known esports organizations including Detonation Gaming and SCARZ. The tournament’s grand finals attracted over 30,000 peak viewers on Twitch, indicating a bright future for the region’s competitive VALORANT scene. Team Absolute JUPITER claimed ¥500,000 in prize money for their victory.

Previously known for their success in Counter Strike: Global Offensive under the Absolute banner, JUPITER’s players made the transition to professional VALORANT earlier this year. Absolute was considered one of the top CS:GO teams in Japan, representing the region in the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) for two consecutive years. All five members departed from CS:GO in April to focus on their VALORANT careers.

The RAGE Invitational is part of VALORANT’s 2020 Ignition tournament series. The competitive action continues as the G2 Esports Invitational’s playoff rounds begin.

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