VALORANT Agents Complete List

How Many Agents are There in VALORANT?

VALORANT offers a wide selection of agent characters with unique abilities tailored to different types of FPS players. Currently, there are a total of 22 agents in VALORANT that are available to play in matches once you’ve unlocked them. When VALORANT was released in closed beta in April 2020, there were only 10 agents. Since then, Riot Games has been consistently adding new agents to the game at a rate of about three or four per year, or one every three to four months.

In the near future, you can expect three more agents to be added to the game, with one more agent confirmed to be added in 2023 after the release of Deadlock in June.

All VALORANT Agents and Their Abilities

1. Astra: A controller who can create smokes and control enemies with gravity wells and pulses.
2. Breach: An initiator with earth-shattering crowd control and potent blind abilities.
3. Brimstone: A controller with an orbital arsenal of incendiary grenades, stim beacons, and smoke screens.
4. Chamber: A sentinel who uses traps, headhunters, and teleportation anchors to control the battlefield.
5. Cypher: A sentinel with tripwires, spy cameras, and the ability to extract information from enemies.
6. Deadlock: A sentinel with seismic sensors, gravitational nets, and barrier meshes for defense.
7. Fade: An initiator with nightmare-inducing orbs and the ability to navigate through walls.
8. Gekko: An initiator with a powerful AI companion and the ability to plant or defuse the

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