VALORANT 3.08 Patch Notes

VALORANT 3.08 Patch Notes : Exciting Updates for Players

The latest VALORANT 3.08 Patch brings some exciting updates to the game. Players can now equip any skin level of the default version of the skin, giving them more customization options. Additionally, Riot Games will notify players when they take action against reported cheaters or problematic players. This brings a sense of closure and satisfaction to the community, and the notification will appear even if you are offline.

Customize Your Account Level Border

On top of skin level customization, players can now also equip any account level border they have unlocked. Moreover, there is a new option to hide your account level from players who are not on your friends’ list. These updates allow players to personalize their VALORANT experience to their liking.

Enhanced Performance and Esports Features

Patch 3.08 also includes several performance updates to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The update reduces the instances where the UI needs to update itself, improving its responsiveness. Specific improvements have been made to optimize Viper’s Poison Cloud and ultimate ability, as well as weapon and ability clipping plane calculations.

Esports enthusiasts will be particularly interested in the new features introduced in Patch 3.08. Coaches now can switch between players using keybinds, simplifying their role during matches. They can also utilize a Picture-In-Picture feature on the top player HUD to easily spectate players. Additionally, coaches can now see player key binds on the mini-map, similar to observers.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Patch 3.08 also addresses various bugs and issues. Weapon skins will now appear correctly, and Viper’s gloves will be correctly positioned when playing in left-hand mode. The bug where Viper’s ultimate would spawn incorrectly on Icebox has also been fixed.

Other bug fixes include ensuring that players no longer stop defusing when pinging, resolving hitches related to Barrier Orb dropping, fixing player outlines visibility through barriers for observers, and resolving a blinding orb issue when shooting certain walls. Additionally, players will no longer hear gunshots from A Ramps during the buy phase on Split.

For the complete list of changes and updates, you can visit the official VALORANT website’s patch notes.

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