Univolt Habitat: A Guide to Catching and Mounting in Palworld

How to Catch and Ride Univolt in Palworld

Univolt is a unique creature in Palworld that players can catch and ride. By following these steps, you can easily add this electrifying creature to your team and enjoy its abilities:

1. Locate Univolt:

To catch a Univolt, you need to find it first. Univolt can typically be found in grassy and electric areas of the game. Look out for its distinctive appearance and sparking electricity.

2. Prepare the necessary items:

Before attempting to catch a Univolt, make sure you have the right items. You will need a Pal Catcher, which you can obtain from various in-game shops or by crafting it yourself using the provided blueprint.

3. Approach Univolt slowly:

Once you have found a Univolt, approach it slowly and gently. Sudden movements may startle the creature, making it harder to catch.

4. Use the Pal Catcher:

When you are in range of Univolt, use your Pal Catcher to attempt a capture. It may take a few attempts before you are successful. Keep trying and be patient!

5. Gain Univolt’s trust:

After successfully capturing Univolt, you need to gain its trust in order to ride it. Spend time with Univolt, feed it, and take care of it by fulfilling its needs. This will gradually increase your bond and allow you to ride it.

6. Train Univolt:

To make the most out of Univolt’s abilities, you need to train it. Engage in battles, participate in activities, and use Univolt’s unique skills to level it up and unlock new abilities.

Remember, Univolt is a valuable addition to your team in Palworld. With its electric abilities and transportation potential, it can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Start searching for Univolt today and enjoy the thrilling adventures it brings!

Univolt in Palworld


Catching and riding a Univolt in Palworld is an exciting experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily capture this unique creature and make it an essential part of your team. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the electrifying world of Palworld with Univolt by your side!

Riding Univolt in Palworld

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