Understanding the Concept of a Clown Fiesta in League of Legends

Many players enjoy being serious during ranked matches in League of Legends, as it usually leads to more wins. But what if everyone decided to have fun and create a funny clown fiesta? In this article, we’ll explore what a clown fiesta is and take a look at some of the best clown fiesta moments in Esports League of Legends.

A clown fiesta is a term used to describe two different types of matches. The first type is when both teams aren’t playing seriously. These matches often occur at the end of a split or tournament, where there are no implications for the teams’ standings. Both teams might pick unusual champion picks, switch roles, and play hyper-aggressively.

The second type of clown fiesta is when neither team can gain an advantage despite playing seriously. These matches are often seen as a result of both teams’ ineptitude and are characterized by high kill counts, lengthy game times, and lead changes.

Clown fiesta moments can happen not only in tournaments but also in everyday queues. Some players create new accounts to troll ranked games or experiment with unconventional builds. Smurfs joining the enemy team can also lead to challenging games.

Best Clown Fiesta Moments in Esports

1. G2 Esports vs. Fnatic (2019 LEC Spring)

In this match, G2 Esports faced off against their formidable competitor Fnatic. G2, known for their trolling antics, surprised everyone by devolving the match into a series of desperate attempts to claw their way back. Fnatic eventually secured the victory after a restless base race.

2. Dignitas vs. Renegades (2016 LCS Spring)

In this match between two bottom-tier teams, there were two unforgettable moments. The game reached a point where four players died without a single kill because of tower damage and the Rift Herald. Renegades ultimately won after a backdoor play, but it was a game that no one felt great about winning.

3. Complexity vs. Curse (2014 LCS)

Complexity and Curse may not be dominant teams anymore, but their match in 2014 left a lasting impression. The game was mostly stagnant until multiple teamfight throws led to a game that none of the teams could end. ADC Robert “ROBERTxLEE” eventually took matters into his own hands and secured the victory for Complexity.

4. Royal Never Give Up vs. T1 (2019 Worlds Group Stage)

In this highly anticipated match at the 2019 World Championship, RNG and T1 went back and forth, throwing the game between them. T1 made a decisive play by teleporting into RNG’s base, securing the victory and ending the match.

5. 100 Thieves vs. TSM (2020 LCS Playoffs)

In a brutal five-game series, 100 Thieves almost secured a win that could have been a 3-1 victory. In the fifth and final game, TSM barely crawled out of a teamfight before destroying 100 Thieves’ base. Team leader Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg landed the final blow, preventing 100 Thieves from ending the game.

Clown fiestas can be both hilarious and frustrating to watch. Pro teams sometimes make silly decisions that can completely screw up a match. We hope you enjoyed learning about clown fiestas and reminiscing about some of the best moments. Let us know in the comments which moment was your favorite and share your own clown fiesta experiences!

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