Twitch Streamer Discovers Alleged Longtime Stalker During Live Broadcast

Fitness Streamer Catches Alleged Stalker During Live Broadcast

Fitness streamer Spoachie recently had a tense encounter with an alleged stalker while streaming live to his viewers. The incident unfolded during a visit to a local family store, where Spoachie noticed a man dressed in yellow staring at him and moving closer to his table.

The clip, shared from Spoachie’s Twitch channel, captures the uncomfortable moment as the fitness streamer expresses his discomfort with the situation. He addresses his viewers, pointing out the man who he claims has been stalking him for the past four months.

There is a shot of Spoachi talking to his stream. He looks distressed.
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During the livestream, Spoachie maintains his composure and continues interacting with his audience. He exclaims, “Oh Jesus Christ… Hey, everyone. Want to meet my stalker? My stalker is right here following me… There he is… If you didn’t believe me, there he is.”

While the alleged stalker continues to stare at Spoachie and move closer, another woman in the store appears unaware of the situation, going about her business. The man’s gaze remains fixated on the camera.

There is a shot of a man peaking behind a market stand looking at the viewer. There is a woman with her backed turned.
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Spoachie confidently speaks to the chat, ensuring others around him can hear, “Live on stream, I saw him following me into the family mart. See?” The clip ends with the alleged stalker sitting at a table in front of Spoachie.

The clip sparked a reaction from viewers, with many expressing their discomfort with the unsettling behavior of the man. A Reddit user commented, “He is that up close and also just stares at them, while muttering to himself, and looking giddy is terrifying.”

Fortunately, nothing harmful occurred during the encounter, and Spoachie was able to leave without incident. However, incidents like these highlight the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations that popular streamers may face when dealing with fans who cross boundaries.

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