Twitch Speedily Rejects Infamous Streamer Destiny’s Ban Appeal

Streamer Destiny’s Twitch Ban Appeal Rejected in Just One Hour

Controversial streamer Destiny recently appealed his permanent Twitch ban, but the new system quickly rejected his appeal.

Destiny’s Twitch channel was permanently removed in March 2022 after he received his sixth ban. The ban was issued because he violated Twitch’s community guidelines, specifically the section regarding hateful conduct.

The appeal system confirmed that his suspension was due to hateful conduct. Twitch sent Destiny an email stating, “After reviewing the details of your case, we have decided that your account will remain suspended due to your violation of our community guidelines.”

Destiny was banned after streaming a debate with known white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who was also banned from Twitch. It was this incident that led to Destiny’s permanent removal from the platform.

According to Twitch’s community guidelines, the platform does not tolerate behavior fueled by hatred, prejudice, or intolerance. This includes promoting discrimination, denigration, harassment, or violence based on protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, and more.

Following the Twitch ban, Destiny initially switched to streaming exclusively on YouTube. However, he later secured a deal with Twitch’s rival platform Kick in March 2023 and has been streaming there ever since. Despite this, he continues to regularly upload videos on YouTube.

Currently, Destiny has 87,000 followers on Kick and over 730,000 subscribers on YouTube. Given his history of controversial political content, it’s unlikely that he will be allowed to stream on Twitch in the near future. Unless he undergoes a major change, Twitch is unlikely to lift his ban.

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