Twitch modifies ban system, eliminates banned users from chat list

Twitch Updates Ban System: Banned Users No Longer Appear in Chat List

Twitch, the popular streaming platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts, has implemented changes to its ban system that will greatly impact user experience within chat rooms. The new update ensures that banned users are no longer visible in the chat list, addressing a long-standing issue that has plagued the platform.

Previously, when a user was banned from a Twitch channel, their name would still appear in the chat list, albeit with a “banned” tag next to it. This led to confusion and frustration, as the banned user’s presence was a constant reminder of their past transgressions. Additionally, banned users could still send whispers to others, which often resulted in harassment and unwanted interactions.

To tackle this problem, Twitch has now completely removed banned users from the chat list. This means that once a user is banned, their name will no longer be visible to other viewers, making the chat experience more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone involved. Moreover, banned users will also be unable to send whispers to others, further preventing any potential harm.

This update brings relief to streamers and chat moderators, who can now maintain a more positive and welcoming atmosphere in their channels. The removal of banned users from the chat list helps to minimize distractions and negativity, allowing viewers and streamers to focus on the content and interactions that matter. By improving the ban system, Twitch aims to enhance the overall experience for its community members.

In summary, Twitch’s recent ban system update is a significant step forward in creating a safer and more inclusive environment on the platform. By ensuring that banned users are no longer visible in the chat list and preventing them from sending whispers, Twitch is actively addressing the issue of harassment and improving user experience. This update will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the gaming and esports community.

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