Top Neutral Companions in Palworld

Discover the Top Neutral Pals in Palworld

Searching for the most reliable and versatile companions in Palworld? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best neutral Pals that you should definitely consider adding to your team. With their unique abilities and strengths, these Pals are sure to enhance your Palworld experience.

1. Flamepaw

One of the most popular neutral Pals is Flamepaw. This fiery creature possesses excellent offensive capabilities, making it a formidable force on the battlefield. Its Flame Charge attack can deal devastating damage to opponents, leaving them in ashes. Flamepaw’s Fire Cloak ability also grants it an advantage by protecting it from fire-based attacks.

2. Frostbite

If you prefer a more strategic approach, Frostbite is the perfect Pal for you. With its ice-based attacks and freezing abilities, Frostbite can incapacitate enemies and create ample opportunities for your team to gain the upper hand. Its Chill Beam attack can slow down opponents, making it easier for your other Pals to land their devastating blows.

3. Terraclaw

Terraclaw is a mighty Pal that excels in defense. With its Earth Shield ability, Terraclaw can protect itself and its teammates from incoming attacks, ensuring the longevity of your team in battles. It also boasts a powerful ability called Ground Slam, which deals AoE damage to opponents, making it an ideal pick for crowd control situations.

4. Shocktail

Last but not least, Shocktail is an electrifying Pal that brings the power of lightning to your team. With its Thunderstrike attack, Shocktail can deal significant damage to enemies while having a chance to paralyze them, leaving them vulnerable and unable to act. Its Static Field ability can also disrupt opponents, impairing their ability to perform actions effectively.


As you venture into Palworld, these neutral Pals will undoubtedly provide you with the support and strength you need to conquer any challenge. Whether you prefer offensive power, strategic control, defensive capabilities, or electric prowess, Flamepaw, Frostbite, Terraclaw, and Shocktail have got you covered. Embark on your journey with these exceptional companions and unleash their potential in Palworld!

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