Top 7 Jungle Champions with the Fastest Clear Times in League of Legends

Fastest Jungle Clear Champions in League of Legends

Junglers in League of Legends have a unique playstyle that requires strategic decision-making. Clear speed and speed in general are crucial factors for junglers to have a huge impact on their team. In this article, we will explore the fastest jungle clear champions and how to effectively gank lanes with them.

1. Olaf

Olaf is known for having the fastest clear speed in the game. His Q ability deals heavy damage, even at level one, and has AOE damage, allowing him to clear camps with multiple enemies quickly. What makes Olaf even more potent is his ability to reset the cooldown of his Q by picking up the axe he threw. His W provides bonus attack speed and lifesteal, ensuring sustainability in the jungle.

2. Karthus

Karthus is a mid-lane control mage who also excels in the jungle. His Q has a low cooldown and deals burst damage, while his E deals damage over time. Both abilities are excellent for clearing camps, especially those with multiple monsters. Karthus can also restore mana by last-hitting minions.

3. Kayn

Kayn’s Q ability allows him to deal AOE damage, making him highly effective heroes in clearing jungle camps. He can also walk through walls, saving him time and allowing for quick transitions between camps.

4. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is an assassin champion with decent AOE damage. His Q ability can quickly clear buffs with just 3 or 4 strikes. Upgrading his Q allows him to deal damage similar to smite and have a reduced cooldown on isolated enemies.

5. Graves

Graves is a champion with the ability to jump or walk through walls, making him one of the fastest champions in clearing the jungle. His basic attacks can deal AOE damage, especially when positioned correctly against camps with multiple monsters.

6. Hecarim

Hecarim’s abilities deal AOE damage, and his E ability provides a significant boost in movement speed, enabling quick transitions between camps. His Q ability has a low cooldown and can be stacked for reduced cooldown and higher damage.

7. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks has a unique trick that allows him to clear both the red and raptor camps at the same time. By standing at a certain point between the two camps, he can use his W ability, which deals AOE damage and heals him, to damage both camps simultaneously.

Consider taking blue smite for champions who need to slow enemies down, such as Olaf and Graves. Red smite is useful for champions like Karthus and Kayn, who excel in 1v1 fights and invade enemy jungles. Blue smite can be beneficial for champions like Kha’Zix and Fiddlesticks, enhancing their ability to kite and control enemies.

These fastest jungle clear champions can greatly impact the game with their speed and efficiency. Use their unique abilities to maximize your impact in the jungle and dominate your opponents.

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