Top 7 Assassins in League of Legends

7 Best Assassins in League of Legends

In League of Legends, assassins are champions that excel at quickly bursting down enemies and eliminating high-priority targets. Their ability to efficiently deal damage and swiftly eliminate opponents makes them a force to be reckoned with. Here, we have compiled a list of the 7 best assassins in League of Legends:

7. Vayne

Vayne, although primarily known as a marksman, can also be a formidable assassin. In the later stages of the game, when her damage output is at its peak, she can use her empowered auto-attacks and abilities to quickly eliminate enemies. Her Q ability allows for quick repositioning, while her E ability can stun enemies and provide an auto-attack reset. With her ultimate ability, Vayne becomes invisible and gains increased damage, making her a deadly assassin.

6. Talon

Talon is a pure assassin with incredible burst damage. His Q ability deals massive damage in melee range, while his W ability slows enemies and inflicts decent damage. He can traverse terrain with his E ability, allowing him to swiftly close the gap between him and his targets. Talon’s ultimate ability grants him invisibility, making him a difficult opponent to track and escape from.

5. Shaco

Shaco is a hated champion by many due to his deceptive and unpredictable playstyle. His Q ability allows him to teleport behind enemies while becoming invisible, setting up devastating surprise attacks. He can fear enemies and deal damage with his W ability, while his E ability provides a ranged slow and bonus damage against low-health targets. Shaco’s ultimate creates a clone that can confuse opponents and deals damage, making him a tricky and potent assassin.

4. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is known for his ability to isolate and eliminate isolated enemies. His E ability is a gap-closer that can be further enhanced when evolved, and his Q ability deals high damage and functions as an auto-attack reset. With his W ability, Kha’Zix can slow enemies from a distance. His ultimate ability grants him invisibility and additional movement speed, making him a fearsome assassin against unsuspecting opponents.

3. Ekko

Ekko has a versatile playstyle that allows him to excel both as an assassin and a fighter. His E ability is a dash that serves as a gap-closer and deals bonus damage. With his passive and Phase Dive, Ekko can easily maneuver in and out of fights. His Q ability provides good damage and slows targets, while his ultimate ability, Chronobreak, allows him to time-travel back to a previous location, making him a potent and survivable assassin.

2. Fizz

Fizz is an incredibly mobile champion with a unique kit that makes him terrifying for opponents. His passive allows him to move through units and reduce damage taken, providing early-game survivability. His Q and E abilities are effective tools for engaging and disengaging fights while dealing substantial damage. Fizz’s W ability, Seastone Trident, is a powerful tool for killing opponents. Combined with his ultimate ability, Chum The Waters, Fizz becomes a deadly and elusive assassin.

1. Zed

Zed is the quintessential assassin in League of Legends. His kit is specifically designed for killing targets quickly and escaping unscathed. His W ability allows him to close the gap between him and his targets, while his ultimate ability deals tremendous damage. Zed’s Q and E abilities, along with his passive, provide consistent damage output. The synergy between Zed’s abilities sets him apart as one of the best assassins in the game.


While there are many other assassins in League of Legends that can be incredibly effective in the right circumstances, these 7 champions stand out as the best assassins in the game. Their unique kits and playstyles make them formidable foes that can quickly eliminate high-priority targets and turn the tides of battle.

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