Top 7 ADC Champions with High Lethality in League of Legends

ADC champions in esports rely on attack speed and critical strike, along with high attack damage. While most ADCs are built with these stats, there are some champions that can benefit from lethality bonuses. Lethality works well on squishy champions who don’t stack up on armor, which is common in the bot lane where there are support and ADC champions who usually stack up on attack damage and utility items. In this article, we will list 7 ADC champions who can build lethality items and benefit from them.

7. Draven:

Draven has long been used in the bottom lane and has seen many different builds. Building a lethality item as his first build greatly synergizes with the damage he deals with his Q. Adding lethality to Draven’s crit-based damage exponentially increases his damage output.

How To Play Lethality Draven:

With Draven, maximizing damage output in the early phases of the game is important, so it’s recommended to max your Q first. Stack up your Q’s and poke enemies by hitting them once or twice with 2 spinning axes. Draven can 1v1 any champion in the early game, especially when he buys lethality items as his first items.

Best Lethality Item – Youmuu’s Ghostblade:

Youmuu’s Ghostblade is a great first build on Draven and other champions that can wield it. Its active effect boosts movement speed, allowing Draven to recall to base faster and get back in lane sooner. The lethality bonus from this item also helps him dish out more damage, and the wraith step passive helps him chase enemies better.

6. Jhin:

Jhin can benefit from lethality items because they help him deal higher damage with his abilities. Lethality greatly synergizes with Jhin’s long-range pokes from his W and bouncing grenades, as well as his ultimate.

How To Play Lethality Jhin:

When playing Jhin with lethality items, focus on maxing your Q first to secure more kills with your ultimate. Position yourself strategically in team fights to maximize damage from your Q.

Best Lethality Item – Duskblade of Drakthar and The Collector:

Duskblade of Drakthar allows Jhin to turn invisible every time he kills an enemy, improving his positioning during fights. The Collector adds lethality and execute damage, making Jhin’s 4th shot even more powerful.

5. Caitlyn:

Caitlyn can deal tons of damage with her Q, especially when built with lethality items. While her playstyle doesn’t change much, lethality items enhance her range and combos.

How To Play Lethality Caitlyn:

With lethality Caitlyn, play safe and rely on your Q for poke damage. Place traps strategically and avoid 1v1 fights with ADC champions that have high attack speed.

Best Lethality Items – Duskblade and Serpent’s Fang:

Duskblade is a great alternative to Caitlyn’s traditional Stormrazor build, providing the same effects but with more damage. Serpent’s Fang allows Caitlyn to deal more damage to enemies caught by her traps when opponents try to shield themselves.

4. Vayne:

Vayne typically relies on attack speed to proc her W, but with lethality builds, it’s recommended to max her Q first instead of her W. Lethality helps with Vayne’s poke damage.

How To Play Lethality Vayne:

Play safely as Vayne when building lethality items, avoiding 1v1 fights with high attack speed ADC champions. Use Q for pokes and engage enemies when your ultimate is up for the invisibility advantage.

Best Lethality Item – Duskblade of Drakthar:

Duskblade improves Vayne’s invisibility passives, making her even more elusive after scoring takedowns.

3. Miss Fortune:

Lethality works well for Miss Fortune because her kit revolves around poking enemies with her Q and E, and her ultimate deals significant AOE damage.

How To Play Lethality Miss Fortune:

Prioritize MF’s Q for poke damage when building lethality. Her Q can bounce off and deal critical damage to opponents if the first target dies. Take advantage of her strong early game.

Best Lethality Item – Eclipse:

Eclipse allows MF to deal bonus damage if she damages an opponent twice in quick succession.

2. Ezreal:

Ezreal can benefit from lethality because he relies on his Q for damage. His Q can even proc on-hit effects, making lethality items like duskblade effective.

How To Play Lethality Ezreal:

Get a tear of the goddess as your first item for mana. Play safe and rely on Q for poke damage. Position yourself strategically in team fights to maximize Q damage.

Best Item Builds – Duskblade of Drakthar:

Duskblade helps with Ezreal’s disengagement and improves his Q damage.

1. Varus:

Building lethality on Varus enhances his Q damage, making him a long-range threat.

How To Play Lethality Varus:

Varus has a strong early game with his Q poke. Position yourself safely to bully enemies. Assess situations when choosing between lethality and crit builds.

Best Item Builds – Duskblade of Drakthar:

Duskblade serves as a fail-safe for Varus, helping him disengage from enemies.


When choosing between lethality and crit builds, consider the game duration. Lethality is best for finishing the game quickly, while crit scales better in the late game. Assess situations before deciding on the build.

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