Top 5 Junglers with Strong Early Game in League of Legends

Jungle is the best position in League of Legends for climbing the ranks. It allows you to impact the entire map and influence the outcome of the game. If you want to climb quickly, mastering an early game jungler is the way to go. These junglers can dominate the early game and give you a significant advantage before the game even starts.

There are several early game junglers that excel in different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the best:

5. Graves

Graves is a powerful early game jungler with a fast clear and strong auto-attacks. His E ability gives him an escape option, making him great at invading the enemy jungle. His ganks can be terrifying, especially when he has Red Buff or a teammate with a stun. Mastering Graves involves understanding his E ability and using it strategically to gain bonus armor and reload his gun.

4. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a versatile early game jungler known for his dash, stun, and high damage. He excels in skirmishes and can easily gank by using his Q ability as an auto-attack reset. Timing is crucial with Xin Zhao, as you want to save your E ability until the enemy uses their escape or flash. His W ability can also be used to secure kills on fleeing enemies.

3. Warwick


Warwick is a powerful early game duelist with excellent sustain. His passive healing, Q ability, and W attack speed make him extremely hard to kill in 1v1 or 1v2 situations. This dueling potential allows Warwick to invade the enemy jungle and maintain pressure on the enemy jungler. Mastering Warwick involves timing his Q and E abilities, as well as his ultimate, to maximize damage and control in fights.

2. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a highly versatile early game jungler who excels at all stages of the game. He is known for his ward hopping engage and high damage output, especially with his Q ability. Lee Sin takes time to master due to his complex mechanics, but skilled players can find success with him. Timing is crucial with Lee Sin, especially with his Q ability, which is used as an execute. Combining his ultimate with his Q can result in devastating bursts of damage.

1. Shaco


Shaco is notorious for his early game strength and ability to create chaos on the map. His Q ability allows him to become invisible, making him a formidable ganker and invader. His boxes also help him clear camps quickly, allowing him to farm and gank efficiently. A skilled Shaco player can dominate the early game and set their team up for success. However, Shaco’s momentum is crucial, as he can quickly fall behind if he loses control.

These early game junglers offer different strengths and playstyles. Finding the right balance between ganking, invading, and farming is essential for success. Good luck on your journey to a higher rank!

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