The Complete Guide to Finding Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact

All Spirit Carp Locations in Genshin Impact and How to Acquire Them

Genshin Impact, an immensely popular action role-playing game, has recently introduced a new type of consumable item called Spirit Carp. These special fish items provide various benefits to players, such as restoring characters’ HP or temporarily increasing their attack stats. If you’re eager to collect all the Spirit Carp in the game, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide on all the Spirit Carp locations and how to obtain them in Genshin Impact.

1. Springvale – Dihua Marsh

To find Spirit Carp at this location, head towards the Dihua Marsh fishing spot in Springvale. You can easily access it by teleporting to the nearby “Springvale” waypoint. After reaching the fishing spot, equip your favorite fishing rod and cast your line. Patience and good timing are key to successfully catching Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact.

2. Wangshu Inn – Liyue

The Wangshu Inn fishing spot is another great place to find Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact. Use the teleport waypoint in Liyue Harbor to reach the inn quickly. From there, follow the cliffs southward until you come across a small, serene fishing spot. Take out your fishing rod and start searching for Spirit Carp.

3. There are four fishing spots on the Minlin Sea.

In the serene and beautiful Minlin Sea, there are four fishing spots where you can find Spirit Carp. Teleport to the “Minlin” waypoint to begin your fishing adventure. Explore the area and locate each fishing spot, casting your line into the water at each one to increase your chances of catching Spirit Carp.

4. Liyue Harbor – Sea Ganoderma Dock

The Liyue Harbor fishing spot at Sea Ganoderma Dock is also an ideal location to discover Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact. To reach this spot, teleport to the “Liyue Harbor” waypoint and head to the dock area. Equip your fishing rod, cast your line, and patiently wait for the Spirit Carp to bite.

Remember, fishing in Genshin Impact requires time and practice. Be sure to upgrade your fishing rod to improve your chances of catching rare and valuable fish. And always keep an eye out for shimmering water, as it indicates a potential fishing spot. Happy fishing!

As you explore the vast world of Genshin Impact, don’t forget to visit these Spirit Carp locations to boost your characters’ abilities and enhance your overall gameplay experience. Enjoy the thrill of fishing and the rewards that come with it!

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