Tfue criticizes Twitch advertisements, claims they influenced his transition to Kick.

Tfue Joins Kick and Returns to Streaming After Quitting Twitch

Tfue made a comeback to streaming on Nov. 19 by joining Kick. In a livestream on Nov. 22, he explained that ads were a major factor in his decision to leave Twitch and join Kick instead.

During a Fortnite livestream (at around 45 minutes), Tfue stated, “One of the main reasons I like Kick is there are no ads.” He expressed his frustration with Twitch’s excessive ads, which eventually led to a decline in his motivation to stream and affected the overall quality of his stream.

Fortnite's main screen shown with Tfue's camera on the corner.
Tfue has returned to streaming after a five-month break. Screenshot via Tfue’s Kick

Tfue expressed his dislike for ads during the livestream, saying, “I hate ads, omg they are the worst… I think I ran over five minutes every hour. I’m glad we don’t have to deal with that sh*t here, you know. It’s so bad. Ads are killing everything.”

Twitch’s Controversial Ad Policies

The recent ad policies on Twitch have sparked controversy since their implementation earlier this year. Free users now experience more ads, leading to frustrations from both viewers and streamers.

Tfue mentioned that he was approached by Kick, Twitch’s competitor, several months ago but turned down their offers multiple times. However, after taking a break from streaming for five months, he eventually accepted Kick’s offer. In the Nov. 22 livestream, he stated, “Ever since I stopped streaming, Kick just wanted to sign me, and I was saying no for months. But I got bored and I wanted to stream again, so it made sense.”

Currently, Tfue primarily creates content on Kick but has also returned to streaming on Twitch. He received a warm welcome from his community upon his return. According to Streams Charts, he has an average viewership of almost 30,000 and reached a peak of over 53,000 viewers, despite only having 13 hours of airtime.

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