Silver and Gold League of Legends players aiming to climb ranks should consider banning these 3 champions

Mastering the Patch: Top Champions for Silver and Gold Ranks in League of Legends

When you’re in the silver and gold ranks in League of Legends, it can be tough to break out of a losing streak. But one way to take control of the game is through a successful draft. In the latest patch, there are three champions that you should definitely consider picking or banning.

Shyvana is currently one of the strongest picks in the jungle. According to Oracle’s Elixir, she has the highest win rate in the jungle for both silver and gold ranks. She has become a go-to champion with a win rate of 53.7% in silver and over 123,000 games played.

Zyra is a top support pick in recent patches. She holds a win rate of 53.3% in silver and has similar numbers in gold. She is easy to learn and brings a lot of zone control with her plants and ultimate ability, Stranglethorns. She excels in lane with her poke and crowd control, and can deal tons of damage in team fights.

Xerath has been a nuisance for bottom laners in the last two patches. He has a win rate of 53.2% in silver and has even better performance in gold. His long-range damage is crucial in winning the laning phase, especially when paired with champions like Ezreal, Jhin, and Miss Fortune.

All three champions are currently dominating in the silver and gold ranks. Learning to play them could be your ticket to climbing up the ladder.

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