Xsolla Disrupts Gaming Payments in Africa, Enabling Access for 440 Million Users

By Saloni Sehmi 87 Views

Xsolla Brings New Payment Methods for Gamers in Africa, Adding Access for 440 Million Customers and Users

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, is expanding its presence in Africa by integrating MTN and Airtel mobile money services. This strategic move addresses Africa’s unique financial landscape, where a significant portion of the population in regions like Ghana and Uganda remains unbanked.

Mobile money services are essential in Africa, allowing users to manage funds through mobile devices without the need for traditional banking infrastructure. This initiative opens up a vast new customer base, leveraging MTN’s 292 million and Airtel’s 147 million users. Xsolla merchants can now easily accept these payment methods, simplifying transactions. It represents a significant leap towards global expansion for game developers, utilizing Pay Station’s comprehensive payment options and wide market reach.

David Stelzer, the President of Xsolla, emphasizes the importance of this initiative, stating, “Integrating local payment methods is crucial for expanding our reach in Africa. We want to cater to both banked and unbanked users in these emerging markets. Nearly 40 million potential users will benefit from our simplified integration process for developers.”

Key Advantages and Project Expansion:

– Expanded Market Reach: Developers can now connect with Africa’s diverse gaming community and increase their presence across the continent through localized payment solutions.
– Improved Sales and Conversion Rates: By adopting local payment methods, the transaction process becomes more efficient and user-friendly, aligning with the preferences of African gamers.
– New User Acquisition: Access to new markets invites engagement with active and enthusiastic gamers, fostering opportunities for revenue growth.

This initiative aims to facilitate smoother transactions and broaden market access for game developers. It also signifies a commitment to supporting the growth of Africa’s gaming community and providing developers with essential tools for success in these evolving markets. For more information on Xsolla’s initiatives and solutions, please visit Xsolla. Pro/Go.

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