Unlocking the Potential: The Exciting Evolution of Atlas-IAC into Atlaslive

By Saloni Sehmi

Atlaslive Unveils New Identity in iGaming

Atlas-IAC has taken a bold step forward, unveiling its new identity as Atlaslive, the dynamic iGaming platform. By collaborating with the renowned Banda agency, the company launched a new era in iGaming technology that was characterized by innovation, dynamism, live tech, and a daring creative approach.

Nowadays, technology builds in people’s lives becoming life itself, and removes the line between what is real and what is not. Yaroslav Serdiuk, Strategy Director at Banda agency, emphasizes the principle of outstanding technology is to mirror life, give important outcomes, and remain unnoticeable in use. The best technology is live tech. That is why the notion of “live” was chosen to build the brand entity around it, incorporating it into the brand name as well. The company’s tagline stresses its progress into a dynamic iGaming platform.

The brand’s visual identity retains its focus on blue but now incorporates new accents and shapes. The cool palette captures the essence of technology, while the shapes, approaches, and the identity system itself underscore continuous dynamism. Keeping “Atlas” and combining it with “live”, the new Atlaslive logo marks not only a new word, but reflects a fresh phase in the industry, seamlessly blending legacy with innovation.

The mission of Atlaslive is to discover how far iGaming tech can evolve. Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO at Atlaslive, emphasizes the importance of the journey ahead. The core values of Atlaslive are to connect, evolve, and deliver. Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive, believes these values mirror the company’s core principles, as the platform aims to maintain open interactions between employees, clients, and partners to foster the creation of new ideas and prioritizes evolution and continuous improvement as fundamental principles.

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