PayFuture Statement: Recent Events at ICE 2024

By Saloni Sehmi
PayFuture Statement: Recent Events at ICE 2024

In response to recent events at ICE 2024, PayFuture clarifies and refutes false accusations

PayFuture Ltd, a UK-owned company, has issued a statement addressing the recent events at ICE 2024 and countering damaging accusations made against the company and Payfuture Technologies LLC based in Dubai. The statement aims to clarify the events leading up to the Disinformation as a Service attack (DaaS) against PayFuture and refute the false narrative surrounding the company.
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PayFuture clarifies that the recent events at ICE 2024, accompanied by leaflets and articles, are part of a Disinformation as a Service Attack (DaaS) intended to maliciously accuse PayFuture and Zaki Farooq of illegal activities. These accusations are false and the company strongly denies them.

DaaS attacks distort factual information by adding fictional elements to create a false narrative and undermine the reputation of a business or individual. The perpetrators of this attack have manipulated facts and figures from unrelated businesses to tarnish PayFuture’s image and deceive the public.

Key facts:

– PayFuture Ltd in the UK is managed by Manpreet Haer and operates as a separate entity from the Dubai-based business.

– Zaki Farooq is the CTO and Co-Founder of the Dubai-based business and is not involved in the management of PayFuture Ltd in the UK.

– Zaki Farooq is not a director, nor is he acting as a director of any Limited company in the UK, fully complying with UK law.

– Neither Zaki Farooq nor Manpreet Haer or any business associated with PayFuture has violated the law or is under investigation.

Zaki Farooq, CTO of PayFuture (Dubai), has emphasized that the accusations against the company are baseless and untrue. He has initiated legal proceedings in the UK and Cyprus to establish the truth.

Manpreet Haer, CEO of PayFuture, has vouched for Zaki Farooq’s integrity and ethical business practices. They have worked closely together for years, and Farooq has made significant contributions to the company’s international success.

PayFuture continues to maintain strong relationships with its international customers and is widely recognized as one of the most reputable and trustworthy technology businesses. Its exponential growth over the years is a testament to its credibility.

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