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Low6 launches EUROs, a new suite of free-to-play games

Low6 Launches New Suite of Games for UEFA Euro 2024 Tournament

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament presents a great opportunity for brands to attract and retain users through a diverse range of games. Leading gamification innovator, Low6, has recently launched a suite of mobile-first, free-to-play games specifically tailored for this highly anticipated football event.

The objective of Low6’s new offering is to provide sportsbook operators, publishers, and brands with dynamic and engaging solutions to acquire and retain users throughout the tournament. This suite of games offers a variety of options:

  • Brackets: Users can predict which teams will advance through each stage of the tournament.
  • Match Day Challenges: Engaging users with daily interactive retention tools such as Bingo, Spot The Ball, Over/Under, Spin-The-Wheel, and football scratch cards.
  • Predictors: Users can test their predictions on various game outcomes.
  • Trivia: Interactive quizzes to test football knowledge.
  • Fantasy: Users can play as the manager and immerse themselves in a next-level fantasy experience throughout the tournament.
  • Arcade: Fun and fast nostalgic games to keep fans entertained.
  • FanVote: Simple polls that allow fans to choose their player of the match.

These easy-to-integrate and fully customizable games also come with integrated advertising solutions, including display banners, interstitial formats, and in-app pop-ups, that can be used to promote operator offers or activate brand partnerships. Low6’s real-time in-game analytics and hyper-personalized communications can additionally help brands upsell their wider product offering.

“Brands globally are looking for innovative ways to capture fans’ attention during sporting events, and at Low6, we’ve developed the perfect solution for the Euros,” says Jamie Mitchell, CEO of Low6. “Our free-to-play games are finely tuned to not only attract new users but also enhance engagement throughout the tournament.”