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All-in Global Expands with Acquisition of Translation Royale Brand

All-in Global Expands with Acquisition of Translation Royale Brand

All-in Global Acquires Translation Royale to Expand its Language Services in the iGaming Market

All-in Global, a leader in providing translations and content writing for the iGaming industry since 2008, has announced its acquisition of Translation Royale, a prominent player in the industry. The move aims to further strengthen All-in Global’s presence in the iGaming market and expand its language services to a larger portfolio of clients.

Combining Human Expertise with AI Technologies

With a team of native speakers and experts in iGaming, sports betting, esports, and FinTech, All-in Global has established itself as a pioneer in delivering top-notch language solutions. The company has successfully integrated human expertise with AI technologies, developing a translation engine dedicated to iGaming in 2020. This year, All-in Global introduces a self-service tool customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Recognition as a Top Language Service Provider

In May 2023, Nimdzi Insights, a renowned research company, recognized All-in Global as one of the top 10 language service providers for Southern Europe. This recognition further solidifies All-in Global’s position as a trusted and reliable partner in the iGaming industry.

A Promising Future Ahead

Tiago Aprigio, CEO of All-in Global, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating, “This strategic move aligns perfectly with our vision for All-in Global and sets us on a path for even greater success. I am eager to embrace the opportunities ahead and offer our exceptional language services to an even larger portfolio of clients within the iGaming industry.”

Roy Pedersen, the founder of All-in Global, emphasized the milestone, stating, “It solidifies our intention to remain the number 1 choice for iGaming companies in need of language solutions. With the acquisition of Translation Royale, we have expanded our pool of world-class iGaming linguists and have the opportunity to work with even more big brands.”

With this acquisition, All-in Global is well-positioned to continue providing unmatched language services in the iGaming industry and uphold its reputation as a trusted and preferred partner for clients worldwide.

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