Innovation Empowers Talent Development: PlanetPay365 Affords Two Employees an Enriching Experience at Viola Park’s Fiorentina Training Center

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SKS365 and ACF Fiorentina Collaborate to Provide Unique Experience to Employees

SKS365, known for its multiservice platform PlanetPay365, has partnered with ACF Fiorentina to offer a distinctive experience to two of its employees, Giuliano Ragno and Nebojsa Nisavic. The aim of this initiative is to foster technological innovation, inclusion, and talent growth, all under the common theme of sports. Ragno and Nisavic were selected as winners of an internal contest among the company’s employees. They were given the chance to spend a day at Viola Park, the brand-new home of the Tuscan club.

Viola Park, located in the heart of Europe, is one of the most advanced sports centers on the continent. It boasts elements of technological innovation and inclusivity, which align with the values of SKS365. The company prides itself on its diverse workforce, with employees hailing from over 20 different nationalities across its offices in Italy, Serbia, Malta, and Austria.

During their visit to Viola Park, Ragno and Nisavic explored various areas of the sports center, including the training pitches of the Youth team and the Women’s team, the Media Center, the TV studio, and the office of President Rocco Commisso. They also had the opportunity to interact with key members of ACF Fiorentina, such as Nicolas Burdisso, the Technical Director, and the team’s Match Analyst. This interaction provided valuable insights into the technical-tactical analysis of the Viola players’ performances and highlighted the importance of teamwork in achieving success.

The highlight of the day was when Ragno and Nisavic received personalized Fiorentina jerseys and had the chance to meet some of the star players, including Andrea Belotti and Nico Gonzalez. As an added bonus, Nebojsa, who works in the Belgrade office of SKS365, was particularly thrilled to meet Nikola Milenkovic, the defender of Fiorentina and the Serbian national team. This unique experience left a lasting impression on the employees, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.

Giuliano Ragno described the visit as “wonderful” and expressed his fascination with the facility dedicated to football. He appreciated the chance to understand the inner workings of such an important team and witness the training firsthand. Nebojsa Nisavic, on the other hand, was amazed by the beauty of Italy and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to explore Viola Park. He described the experience as “fantastic” and praised the innovative environment of the sports center.

The collaboration between SKS365 and ACF Fiorentina is built on shared values of innovation and creativity. As Gianfranco Pastore, the Head of Sponsorships & Partnerships at SKS365, explains, both companies strive for continuous improvement and the development of new ideas and products. The partnership with Fiorentina has been ongoing for three years, with PlanetPay365 offering high-value-added services and demonstrating high technological capabilities.

Enrico Peruzzo, the Revenue Director of ACF Fiorentina, emphasizes the importance of innovation in reshaping behaviors, processes, and relationships. Viola Park represents this vision of innovation, promoting gender and generational inclusion and fostering a sense of belonging. Nicolás Burdisso, the Technical Director of ACF Fiorentina, stresses the unity and togetherness within the club, which brings together the youth team, the women’s team, and the Serie A players.

This employer branding initiative at Viola Park showcases SKS365’s commitment to creating a positive and engaging work environment. The company recognizes that talent growth and development are crucial to achieving long-term success. By offering employees unique experiences like this one, SKS365 demonstrates its dedication to nurturing talent and enhancing employee satisfaction.

In conclusion, the collaboration between SKS365 and ACF Fiorentina has provided a remarkable opportunity for two employees to experience the world of professional sports and technological innovation. The visit to Viola Park allowed them to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a cutting-edge sports center and interact with key members of the Fiorentina team. This initiative highlights SKS365’s commitment to creating a positive work environment and fostering talent growth.

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