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GG.BET and Esports Charts collaborate on unveiling key insights of the Copenhagen Major 2024

The First Ever CS2 Major: Insights and Statistics

Esports analytics service Esports Charts, in collaboration with GG.BET brand, has released exclusive gaming and betting stats for the highly anticipated CS2 Major. This groundbreaking tournament has not only showcased the remarkable skills of players and teams, but it has also provided interesting insights and data for both enthusiasts and bettors alike.

One of the most intriguing statistics reveals the frequency of electrifying comebacks during the tournament. Fans have witnessed nail-biting moments as teams fought their way back from seemingly impossible situations. These thrilling turnarounds have kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the competition.

Who planted the most bombs? This important aspect of gameplay is not to be overlooked. The charts provide detailed information on the players who constantly outmaneuvered their opponents to strategically place bombs and gain a significant advantage.

Another fascinating statistic is the number of kills achieved with the Zeus x27. This powerful weapon has unleashed devastating blows on unsuspecting opponents, and the charts reveal which players have masterfully utilized this tool to secure crucial victories.

Of course, the betting aspect of the tournament cannot be ignored. GG.BET customers have had the opportunity to place their bets on their favorite teams throughout the CS2 Major. By analyzing the data, we can determine which teams garnered the most support from bettors and which ones proved to be the most profitable choices.

Prior to the playoffs, GG.BET shared highlights and results from the Opening and Elimination stages. This allowed fans and bettors to stay informed and engaged with the tournament every step of the way. Furthermore, once the epic final concluded, GG.BET published comprehensive data summarizing the entire tournament, providing a complete overview of the CS2 Major.

GG.BET’s press office shared their thoughts on this collaboration with Esports Charts:

“GG.BET and Esports Charts have a lot in common; we both delve deep into tournaments and meticulously track every movement on the screen. Our team of specialists analyzes hundreds of statistics and strives to provide unexpected insights. The CS2 Major presented the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate with Esports Charts and share all the remarkable information we have uncovered with the entire esports community. We are confident that every reader will find something that fascinates them, especially considering the significance of the first ever CS2 Major.”

The Esports Charts portal is widely recognized for its meticulous analysis of esports streams. Meanwhile, GG.BET has established itself as a leading international betting brand, catering to the specific needs and interests of esports enthusiasts. The partnership between these two esteemed companies has allowed them to collect and present information that is often overlooked by the broader esports community.