ELA Games boosts marketing efforts through First Look Games

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ELA Games Joins First Look Games to Elevate Marketing Activity

ELA Games has recently joined the award-winning platform, First Look Games, to enhance its game promotion efforts. First Look Games is a platform that directly connects developers and affiliates, and ELA Games now has access to its powerful features.

Access to Game Library and White Label Client Area

With the partnership, ELA Games gains access to a dedicated library on the First Look Games platform, where it can upload information and assets for each of its games. Additionally, ELA Games can utilize the First Look Games White Label Client Area. This allows the studio to have control over sharing information with affiliates and provides a secure environment with strict access control and cybersecurity defenses.

Reaching Player Audiences through Affiliates

ELA Games’ branded game library is accessible to a network of approved affiliates. These affiliates can use game sheets, logos, images, and videos of ELA Games’ slots in their previews and reviews, reaching their player audiences. ELA Games’ free-to-play games will also be available to all registered publishers through the First Look Games “Demo Game Server,” with age verification included where necessary.

Driving Awareness and Seamless Onboarding

As part of the partnership, ELA Games will launch its own client area powered by First Look Games. This client area will serve as a shop window for ELA Games’ titles, aiming to create greater awareness among operators and casino managers. The client area will also facilitate a smooth and seamless onboarding process for ELA Games’ games.

Positive Feedback from First Look Games and ELA Games

Elliott Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, expressed enthusiasm about ELA Games joining the platform. Resnick highlighted the value that affiliates bring in terms of direct access to player communities in search of new slots to play. ELA Games can now tap into these audiences and showcase their game offerings.

Mike Cini, Business Owner of ELA Games, emphasized the benefits of First Look Games for elevating their marketing activity and leveraging the power of affiliates. Cini emphasized the importance of data and analytics for ELA Games, which First Look Games provides, along with a seamless client area for partners.


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