Checkd Group Enhances Media Division by Introducing New Digital PR Team

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Checkd Group Establishes New Digital PR Team for Enhanced Visibility in UK and North America

James Dixon has been appointed as Head of Digital PR at Checkd Media, a technology-led sports betting specialist. He will lead a team responsible for boosting the visibility of proprietary brands in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and South America. The team will also provide digital PR services to partners through a performance marketing service offering. This new initiative aims to strengthen Checkd’s organic search performance and drive traffic and revenue as a key channel. The team includes George Rogan and Liam Conroy as Digital PR Managers, and Charlie Giblin as Digital PR Executive.

Exciting Additions to the Checkd Media Digital PR Team

As part of the digital PR team expansion, James Dixon brings ten years of experience in the iGaming industry as a former journalist. Meanwhile, George Rogan and Liam Conroy have joined as Digital PR Managers, and Charlie Giblin has been appointed as the Digital PR Executive. These new additions, along with previous hires like Rob Cable as PPC Manager and George Webb as Head of SEO, will help strengthen Checkd’s activities in the UK and the US.

Strategic Importance and Benefits of the Digital PR Team

James Dixon emphasizes the significance of the new digital PR team in driving the growth of Checkd Group’s brands. The team’s expertise and efficiency have already resulted in improvements in keyword rankings, monthly traffic, and conversions. With a forward-thinking approach, the team aims to leverage key opportunities and enhance the authority and expertise of the brands.

Checkd Group’s Focus on Enhanced Visibility and Progress

The Managing Director for Checkd Media, Alex Beecham, expresses excitement about the establishment of the new digital PR team. This initiative marks a watershed moment for enhancing the visibility of leading brands and content. The team’s expertise and new additions will help Checkd Media reach new audiences globally and make significant progress in their strategies.

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