Caerus partners with Italian football league team to deliver advanced predictive analytics

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Caerus Announces Multi-Season Partnership with Top Italian Football Club

Predictive analytics firm Caerus has partnered exclusively with a leading Italian football club. Caerus will provide its data solutions and predictive models to support the club’s decision-making in player acquisitions and strategy. This marks the first partnership for Caerus’ new Football Services division, which aims to democratize data-driven models in football.

Caerus, established in 2020, specializes in predictive analytics for global sporting markets. Its industry-leading data solutions have been developed by experienced professionals and allow sports betting operators and clubs worldwide to make informed decisions using Caerus analytics.

Mike Adams, co-founder of Caerus, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the competitive edge that Caerus’ ratings system and data solutions will bring. The Italian club will utilize Caerus’ robust ratings system, covering over 130 leagues and 2,000 teams, along with advanced football data and analytics.

This collaboration reflects the growing trend of data-driven decision-making in European football, following the success of clubs like Brentford and Brighton. Caerus aims to make its data-driven models available to football clubs globally through its Football Services division, which offers data and analytics, strategic consultancy, technical scouting solutions, and global scouting services.

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