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BOS supports government initiative to combat match-fixing with information exchange

BOS welcomes government initiative on information exchange against match-fixing

Government Initiative on Information Exchange against Match-Fixing

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In a recent memorandum, the government has put forward a proposal that aims to provide expanded and legally secure opportunities for betting companies and sports associations to exchange information. This initiative comes in response to the growing concern over the manipulation of sports results. The proposal has been received with open arms by the industry. The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, also known as BOS, has long advocated for such collaborations and is thrilled with the government’s support. Today, BOS will be submitting its advisory statement to the Ministry of Finance, expressing its support for the initiative.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, the spokesperson for BOS, emphasizes the importance of addressing the barriers posed by regulations such as GDPR and privacy legislation. These obstacles have hindered seamless information exchange between betting companies and sports associations when it comes to identifying individuals involved in match-fixing. The government’s proposal seeks to remove these barriers and facilitate cooperation and information sharing, a change that the industry warmly welcomes.

Over the past few years, Sweden has made significant progress in combating match-fixing. The number of suspected manipulated matches has been on the decline, thanks to the successful efforts put forth by the country. However, with the enhanced opportunity for information exchange between betting companies and sports federations, Sweden’s fight against match-fixing will be further strengthened. This collaboration between key stakeholders is crucial in maintaining the integrity of sports and ensuring fair competition.


The government’s initiative to enable greater information exchange between betting companies and sports associations is a significant step forward in the battle against match-fixing. With the removal of obstacles caused by GDPR and privacy legislation, the industry can now cooperate more effectively to identify and address suspicious activities. BOS, along with other key players, welcomes this proposal and looks forward to the positive impact it will have on the integrity of sports in Sweden and beyond.