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Bacta Convention to Tackle Key Challenges, Asserts National President John Bollom

Bacta Convention will address the key challenges of the day – states National President John Bollom

‘The Most Important Period for the UK Industry’ – Bacta Convention Addresses Key Challenges

Bacta National President, John Bollom, has described the upcoming 2023 Bacta Convention as the most significant event for the UK industry since the introduction of the 2005 Gaming Act. The convention, set to take place on November 22nd at London’s County Hall, will focus on the key issues facing Bacta members and their long-term impact on businesses.

Key Topics at the Convention

Bollom highlighted several important topics that will be covered during the convention. These include the Gambling Review and subsequent consultations, which will address cashless payments, changes to the 80:20 rule, and restrictions on Cat D cash pay-out fruit machines. There will also be discussions on the Statutory Levy proposals, the introduction of an industry Ombudsman, a review of technical standards, and a request for an increase in stakes and prizes.

Additionally, outside of the White Paper, discussions will address the introduction of a B2B tariff with PRS/PPL and the impact of illegally operated streaming services on music operator members.

Progress and Importance of the Convention

As the first convention following the restructure of the UK trade association, Bollom plans to update members on the progress that has been made. He expressed satisfaction with the changes made to the organization’s governance, believing that it has positioned them to respond effectively to important issues and drive the industry forward with beneficial policies. Bollom emphasized the significance of member input and opinions in shaping a future-looking organization.

Member Involvement and Attendance

Bollom encouraged all Bacta members to actively participate in the convention, highlighting its importance and the value of their input. He hopes that members will make time to attend this crucial annual event.

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