Pokimane brings attention to ongoing cookie drama, accuses xQc of having an issue with her

Pokimane Calls Out xQc for Reviewing Her Cookies

The drama continues to unfold as Pokimane takes issue with xQc’s unapologetic review of her new cookies.

Controversy Over Myna Cookies

Myna cookies, priced at $7 per bag and marketed as “healthy,” have faced accusations of being repackaged Costco products. However, the biggest problem arose when Pokimane jokingly called out a viewer as “broke,” damaging her reputation.

Pokimane Strikes Back

In a conversation with Kai Cenat, Pokimane mentioned that xQc had a “bone to pick” with her. When it comes to other people’s opinions, Pokimane believes they are not her concern.

xQc’s Honest Review

In response to Pokimane’s comments, xQc defended his review, saying he provided an unbiased opinion about the cookies. It’s important to note that he received the product for free and did not intentionally stir up drama.

xQc’s Attempt to Justify

xQc later tried to justify his comments, explaining that he was trying to create funny tension. However, this made him appear to be seeking attention at Pokimane’s expense.

There are Other Options

In the grand scheme of things, Myne cookies are not the only baked goods available. Other alternatives can bring the same level of satisfaction. Whether to purchase them or not is no longer the main issue.

The Struggle of Two Individuals

Both Pokimane and xQc find themselves in a predicament as they cannot live up to the high standards they set for themselves. Pokimane’s criticism of xQc contradicts her claim of not caring about others’ opinions, while xQc reviewing the free product negatively without genuine intention is insincere.

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