Trainers of Pokémon Go express hopes for Niantic to resolve Bounsweet bug before Community Day

By Declan Duffy

May 19 Community Day Concerns: Will the Bounsweet Bug Be Fixed on Time?

As Pokémon Trainers prepare for the forthcoming May 19 Community Day in Pokémon Go, there is rising concern among gamers over a long-standing glitch affecting the beloved Bounsweet Pokémon. If left unsolved, this problem has the potential to cause numerous failed catches and frustration for fans all over the world.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Bounsweet bug has been affecting players for quite some time. It revolves around the process of tossing a Pokéball with extreme precision, aiming for an Excellent throw, only to have the Pokéball utterly miss the target and land on the ground. This issue degrades the gameplay experience and creates a substantial barrier for individuals looking to maximise their benefits during special event perks, such as higher XP payouts per catch.

The excitement around Community Day events is palpable. Trainers gather to engage in a variety of activities, including catching special Pokémon, participating in raids, and receiving other benefits. However, given the recurrent Bounsweet bug, several players are concerned that their efforts would be in vain, resulting in missed opportunities and disappointing expectations.


The Bounsweet insect has a negative impact on Trainers who want to improve their Pokémon-catching abilities. As they attempt for the perfect toss, the glitch causes the Pokéball to wander off course and miss its intended target. This not only causes annoyance, but also reduces the overall joy and satisfaction that comes with successful catches.

Furthermore, the bug’s presence becomes especially bothersome during Community Day events, when people rush to take advantage of event-specific incentives. These bonuses frequently include additional prizes like XP, stardust, and uncommon Pokémon encounters, all of which help the Trainer’s overall progression and success in the game. However, with the Bounsweet bug present, fulfilling these goals becomes a hard endeavor, dampening the mood of the event and disheartening Trainers.



The Pokémon Go community has expressed their concerns about the Bounsweet bug and its potential impact on the upcoming Community Day. Trainers from all around the world have taken to forums and social media to urge game creators to acknowledge and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

While Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has been actively working on enhancing the gameplay experience, it is essential for them to prioritize the resolution of bugs like the one affecting Bounsweet. The player base’s excitement and engagement are strongly dependent on the smooth operation of the game mechanisms, and a bug-free experience is critical for maintaining their interest and participation.

As the May 19 Community Day approaches, Trainers are confident that the Bounsweet bug will be resolved. They excitedly anticipate a seamless and enjoyable occasion, devoid of the inconveniences caused by the incident. Only then will they be able to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of catching Pokémon, bonding with other Trainers, and creating unforgettable experiences in the world of Pokémon Go.

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