‘Angry Pokémon Go Players Express Dismay Over New Avatars and Glitchy Visuals’

By Declan Duffy

Pokémon Go’s New Avatar Models Disappoint Players

The recent update to Pokémon Go has introduced new avatar models, but many players are expressing their dissatisfaction with the changes. Social media is filled with posts mourning the loss of their previous trainer looks, with some claiming that this update has completely ruined their appearance. Additionally, players have noticed various visual bugs associated with the new update.

Niantic’s “Rediscover Pokémon Go” Update Alters Avatar Designs

On April 17, Niantic released the first wave of its “Rediscover Pokémon Go” updates. While this update introduced more customization options, it also brought drastic changes to the avatar designs. These alterations have significantly deviated from the original designs created by renowned Japanese character artist Yūsuke Kozaki. Players have expressed disappointment as the new models appear lifeless and lack the vibrant colors and proportions of the original designs.

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