Palworld’s Feb. 6 Patch Resolves Massive Lifmunk Effigy Bug and Addresses Crash Glitch

Palworld’s Feb 6 Patch: A Major Bug Fix

Palworld, the popular esports game, released a crucial patch on February 6th. This update focuses on fixing a significant bug regarding the Lifmunk Effigy, and also tackles other issues like save crashes and glitches.

Fixing the Lifmunk Effigy Bug

One of the main highlights of this patch is the resolution of the notorious Lifmunk Effigy bug. Previously, players encountered an issue where the Effigy’s Lifmunk’s behavior deviated significantly from what was intended. However, thanks to this update, this glitch has been successfully addressed. Players can now enjoy a smoother gaming experience with accurate Lifmunk behavior.

Addressing Save Crashes and Glitches

In addition to fixing the Lifmunk Effigy bug, the developers have also taken measures to tackle save crashes and various glitches. These problems could disrupt players’ progress and potentially hinder their overall gameplay experience. With the latest patch, these issues have been effectively resolved, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming session.


Palworld’s February 6th update brings much-needed bug fixes to enhance gameplay. By resolving the Lifmunk Effigy bug along with addressing save crashes and glitches, players can now enjoy the game without frustrating interruptions. Make sure to update your game and experience the improved performance for yourself!

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