Palworld Players Discover Easy Solution to Annoying Pal Spheres Feature

Player Discovers Solution to Annoying Pal Spheres Feature in Palworld

A player in the popular game Palworld has recently uncovered a simple fix for the frustrating Pal Spheres feature. This new discovery greatly enhances the gaming experience for players who have been plagued by this annoyance.

In Palworld, players can tame and train fantastic creatures known as Pals. These Pals can be stored in Pal Spheres, which allow players to carry them around and deploy them whenever necessary. However, some players have found this feature to be problematic and quite annoying.

The issue arises when players have stored multiple Pals in the Pal Spheres. When they want to release a specific Pal for a task or battle, they are forced to cycle through all the Pals stored in the Sphere, wasting precious time and energy. This cumbersome process has frustrated many players and hindered their overall gameplay experience.

Thankfully, a resourceful player has come up with a clever solution to this problem. By utilizing the “Sort” feature from the game’s menu, players can now easily organize and arrange the Pals inside the Pal Spheres. This feature allows players to prioritize their Pals and choose the desired one without having to scroll through the entire list.

With this newfound solution, players can now make more efficient use of their Pals and streamline their gameplay. The frustration of wasting time scrolling through unnecessary Pals has been eliminated. This simple fix has garnered positive feedback from the Palworld community and is sure to enhance the overall gaming experience for all players.

The discovery of this solution highlights the importance of player feedback in improving and enhancing gaming experiences. Developers should take note of such player discoveries and consider implementing similar fixes or enhancements based on user suggestions and feedback.


The recent discovery of a simple fix for the annoying Pal Spheres feature in Palworld has greatly improved the gameplay experience for players. This solution allows players to organize and prioritize their Pals, eliminating the frustration of scrolling through unnecessary options. Player feedback plays a vital role in improving games, and developers should actively listen to their community’s suggestions to enhance the overall gaming experience.

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