Palworld development budget: How much did it cost?

What was the cost of developing Palworld?

The developers of Palworld, which is an upcoming Pokémon-inspired game, have recently disclosed the budget they invested in its development. The information regarding the cost of creating Palworld was shared during an interview with James Moody, the CEO of Palworld’s development studio, Pocketpair.

How much did it cost?

The total expenditure for developing Palworld is estimated to be around $2.2 million. This amount covers the expenses incurred over four years of development, including salaries of the development team, outsourcing costs for artwork and design, as well as various other overheads.

Breakdown of the expenses

A significant portion of the budget, approximately 40%, was allocated towards in-house development costs, which includes paying the salaries of the development team working on Palworld. The remaining 60% of the budget was spent on outsourcing various aspects of the game’s creation, such as artwork, design, testing, and bug-fixing.

Future plans and impact of the budget

Pocketpair intends to utilize the remaining budget to invest in polishing the game and implementing additional features based on player feedback. The disclosure of the budget showcases the studio’s commitment to transparency and public accountability. This information also provides insight into the scope of the project, highlighting the substantial resources required to bring a game like Palworld to life.

Overall, this disclosure allows fans and potential players to have a better understanding of the dedication and investment involved in the development of Palworld.

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