Overwatch 2 introduces impressive new weapon skins in the shop

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Two New Weapon Skins Added to Overwatch 2’s Store

Overwatch 2 has just added two new weapon skins for separate heroes, and they’re pretty cool-looking.

Los Muertos Weapons and Mega Bundle

The Los Muertos weapons and mega bundle are available in the store for 1,200 and 1,900 Overwatch Coins, respectively. These skins change the appearance of the applicable heroes. Currently, only two heroes have these skins.

Los Muertos: A Gang in Overwatch Lore

In the lore of Overwatch, Los Muertos is a gang that operates out of Mexico. Sombra is a former member, and they were seen fighting against Soldier: 76 in his animated short film. Soldier is one of the heroes with a Los Muertos skin, but surprisingly, Sombra does not have one.

Junkrat Gets a Los Muertos Skin

Junkrat is the other hero who receives a Los Muertos skin. This skin also applies to his concussion mine and its detonator. The skins also affect the gold variant and presumably Jade as well. It works similarly to how the Hard Light weapon skin applies to gold, which is considered a weapon variant.

Soldier: 76 Los Muertos skin
Junkrat Los Muertos skin and gold variant

A Solid Start for Hero-Specific Cosmetics

The Los Muertos skins are a solid start for the introduction of hero-specific cosmetics in the game. However, it would be appreciated if there were more animation differences. Previously, weapon customization was limited to variants earned through competitive play and the recently added Hard Light skin, which only applied to a handful of heroes like Reinhardt and Mercy.

PvE Gameplay Canceled, Focus on PvP

Recent reports suggest that Overwatch 2’s PvE gameplay has been entirely canceled, leading to a renewed focus on the PvP aspect of the game. This change may result in the introduction of microtransactions, such as themed skins, for more heroes in the future.

Season 10 and New Hero Venture

Overwatch 2’s season 10 is set to begin next month, featuring a new hero named Venture, along with other updates to the PvP experience.

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