NICKMERCS hints at a potential comeback to Call of Duty following an operator skin removal after Twitter controversy

Streamer NICKMERCS returning to Call of Duty: Warzone after skin removal

Popular streamer NICKMERCS is making his highly anticipated comeback to Call of Duty: Warzone tomorrow. This comes exactly eight months after his operator skin was unexpectedly taken out of the game. As a result, the removal of his skin had a negative impact on the possibility of having other creator skins in the future.

What to expect from NICKMERCS in Warzone

NICKMERCS, who is known for his participation in Apex Legends tournaments, will be joining his friends in Warzone during tomorrow’s stream. This marks his return to the game since last June, when Activision decided to remove his operator bundle from the Call of Duty store. The decision came after NICKMERCS made controversial comments on social media.

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