VALORANT Patch 7.04 may bring forth an emerging duelist meta after significant agent nerfs

New VALORANT Patch 7.04 Brings Changes to Jett and Potential Shift in Meta

The latest update for VALORANT, Patch 7.04, has been unveiled, and it’s causing quite a stir among pro players and solo queue enthusiasts. This update brings a range of changes to the growing list of agents, which could result in a significant shift in the meta. One of the most affected agents is Jett, who has been the go-to choice for many duelist players on various maps.

In the patch notes, Jett, the fast-moving duelist, receives multiple adjustments that will have an impact on her gameplay. Her Tailwind dash and Cloudburst smoke have been nerfed, and she will now have one less Updraft. Additionally, her ultimate ability, Blade Storm, requires an extra point to activate. These changes effectively remove her from the meta, forcing players to consider other agents as replacements.

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Following Jett’s untimely demise, many players have quickly dubbed Raze as the new duelist queen. This is especially true because Raze is the second most-played agent in the role among high elo players. However, there are others who anticipate the return of a forgotten king who could rise up again: Chamber.

Chamber looks down the barrel through the scope of his signature weapon, the Tour de Force sniper rifle.
Could the former king return? Image via Riot Games

Chamber used to be the strongest agent in the game and one of the most-played agents across all ranks before nerfs significantly reduced his play rate. Although he is not as powerful as he once was, the buffs he received this past May might give him a chance to find a place in today’s meta with Jett’s absence.

While Raze becomes the obvious choice for entry fraggers, Chamber could be a viable solution for players who frequently use the Operator. His Rendezvous ability is excellent for holding aggressive angles, allowing players to quickly pick off approaching enemies and then teleport away to safety or another angle for another kill.

In fact, we may witness the rise of double sentinel compositions, with Chamber as the primary Operator user for strong defenses, while other duelists could see increased usage soon.

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