MW3 developers confirm Easter egg referencing Breaking Bad in new season 2 Stash House map

Stash House: A Sneak Peek into Modern Warfare 3 Season Two

In the upcoming season two of Modern Warfare 3, players can gear up for intense battles on a brand-new multiplayer map called Stash House. This map holds a special surprise for fans of the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

What to Expect in MW3 Season Two?

Season two of MW3 brings forth four new multiplayer maps, with three being released initially. Alongside Vista and Departures, players will also get to explore the shipment-sized Stash Map, perfect for those seeking fast-paced and action-packed gameplay.

If you’re excited to know more about Modern Warfare 3 season two and the new Stash House map, you can check out the official announcement here.

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