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Exciting Additions in Monster Hunter Now’s Latest Update: Meet Zinogre, Dual Blades, and More!

Monster Hunter Now: Fulminations in the Frost Update

Monster Hunter Now‘s first big content update, Fulminations in the Frost, is on the way, with the release set to add a host of fan-favorite monsters and features to the mobile experience.

New Monsters and Weapons

Starting from Thursday, Dec. 7, Monster Hunter Now players will be introduced to four new monsters, with Zinogre, Banaro, Barioth, and Radobaan being added into the game alongside two smaller monsters, Cortos and Wulg.

That’s not all, as Niantic and Capcom are also adding two highly requested weapons, including Dual Blades and the Lance. Fans of the Dual Blades will also be able to enter into the Demon Mode fans of the mainline games know and love and after playing it ourselves at a preview event we have to admit it was a tad overpowered. All up, there will be 11 Lances and 10 Dual Blades added, which is part of a grand total of 46 new weapons and armor the update will bring.

New Weapon Element and Balancing

With the introduction of Radobaan, Niantic has also confirmed to ESN.GG the Sleep Element will be making its debut both as an attack and a weapon element, so you’ll be able to finally put monsters to sleep. Fret not though, as Niantic also plans to make adjustments and rebalance weapons with the new update on Dec. 7. This will include nerfing long-range weapons like the Bow Gun and buffing close-range weapons like the Long Sword.

Future Updates

This is one of many Monster Hunter Now updates Niantic is working on with Capcom. Players can expect to see big updates which include new monsters and features every three months, so long as development remains on track.

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