LoL gamers admit their struggle with mastering specific champions

League of Legends Champions: The Hardest to Master

Not all League of Legends champions are created equally. Like any character-based game, some champions are harder to master than others. However, in League of Legends, the difference between beginner-friendly champions and those with overloaded kits is more pronounced compared to other games.

In a recent Reddit thread, League players discussed the champions they find the hardest to play and those they refuse to invest time in mastering. Whether it’s due to their high learning curves, complicated kits, or abilities with more text than some champs’ entire bios, there are champions in League that are notoriously difficult to play.

The Most Challenging Champions

According to players in the thread, champions with form change or additional mechanics beyond their base level abilities tend to give the most trouble. Some common answers include Nidalee, Jayce, and Aphelios, with the latter being the most mentioned champion among players.

Regarding Aphelios, players debated his difficulty and why he is so hard to learn. While it’s true that he plays unlike any other champion in the game, an infobox UI and custom-made ability bar make him deceptively complex. As one player named MemeOverlordKai stated in the comments, “The hardest part about learning Aphelios’s kit is actually reading Aphelios’s kit.”

The Complexity of Aphelios

Aphelios is viewed as complex due to how his abilities interact depending on which guns he has equipped. Combining any two weapons creates a completely new interaction between his abilities. Understanding the basic rule of “blue/white, don’t fight” is simple, but deciphering his kit is a difficult task in itself.

Another player in the comments mentioned that Nidalee is also among the hardest champions to play due to her unique mechanics. Stance-dancing champions like Elise and Jayce have less interaction between their forms compared to Nidalee. Each of Nidalee’s human form abilities affects her gameplay in cougar form. While she used to be one of the easiest champions a decade ago, post-rework Nidalee demands more from players.

Increasing Complexity of New Champions

Riot has been striving to make new League champions increasingly complex in recent years. Champions like Briar, K’Sante, and Zeri have a high skill bar for entry, making older champions like Twisted Fate and Nasus seem simpler in comparison. We can expect Riot’s next champion to be on the overloaded side rather than the bare-bones side.

Overall, League of Legends offers a range of champions with varying levels of difficulty. Mastering the most challenging champions requires time, practice, and a deep understanding of their unique mechanics.


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