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Zven blames TSM’s disappointing season on absence of team identity

TSM Struggling to Find Team Identity

TSM, a long-standing team in League of Legends, is facing the possibility of missing out on the playoffs for the first time. Marksman Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen attributes this to a lack of team identity, as he explained in an article for The Players’ Lobby.

Importance of Team Identity

In his article, Zven highlighted the strong team identities of his previous teams, Origen and G2 Esports. In Origen, Zven and his bot lane partner were the carries, while on G2, anyone could step up. However, TSM lacks a consistent primary carry, according to Zven.

Struggles with Shotcalling

Zven mentioned that while everyone on TSM is willing to be a team player, there is a lack of someone willing to step up and take on the carry role. To address this issue, the team has been working on improving their shotcalling and decision-making.

TSM’s Shaky Performance

TSM has been struggling in both the spring and summer splits, with their wins feeling unconvincing. In-game, the players often appear indecisive, leading to base race losses and overall sloppy and disjointed plays. Despite having a strong roster on paper, TSM’s 6-8 record does not reflect their potential.

The team’s playstyle, which revolves around playing for late game fights, has been a longstanding issue. This passive approach allows other teams to dominate TSM early on, preventing them from reaching the late game stage they excel in. In order to have a chance at making the playoffs and performing well at Worlds, TSM needs to abandon this playstyle and become more proactive.

Fortunately, the players are aware of their problems and are actively working on finding a solution. They recognize that there have been too many ideas without enough execution, and they understand the urgency of finding their team identity.

If TSM fails to make it to the playoffs, this could potentially mark the end of this iteration of the team.

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