Which role did LoL players find most challenging in the ‘Perfectionist’ challenge?

By Ishaan Khatri
Which role did LoL players find most challenging in the 'Perfectionist' challenge?

League of Legends Player Reveals Toughest Role to Master in Perfectionist Challenge

In the popular game League of Legends, there are numerous challenges for players to conquer. One of the most difficult challenges, known as the Perfectionist challenge, requires players to achieve an S+ rating on every champion in the game. A recent post on Reddit by a player who completed this challenge shed light on the toughest role they encountered.

The Player’s Thoughts on the Perfectionist Challenge

AzukAnon, one of only two players in North America who has completed the Perfectionist challenge, shared their experience on Reddit. They revealed that AD carries were the most challenging role to master in their journey.

The ADC Effect

AzukAnon coined the term “ADC effect” to describe their difficulty with AD carries. They found that compared to other champion archetypes, mastering ADCs was the most challenging.

The primary reason for this difficulty, according to AzukAnon, is that AD carries often become the main target in teamfights. To achieve an S+ rating in a game, the player must have no more than four to five deaths. However, as an ADC, regardless of the game’s state, you are always the primary target for the enemy.

AzukAnon stated, “I had countless ADC games that were effectively disqualified from a possible S+ very early, simply because people will focus the ADC at all costs.”

Other Difficult Champions

AzukAnon also highlighted other champions that proved challenging to master, such as Alistar, Milio, Azir, and Yuumi. Despite experimenting with different lanes for Yuumi, including mid lane and top lane, they were unable to achieve S+ ratings, despite having solid KDA ratios.

The Challenge Faced by ADCs

It comes as no surprise that ADCs are considered the most difficult role to achieve an S+ rating on. Without securing early kills in the bot lane and significantly impacting the game, ADCs struggle to avoid enemy bruisers, assassins, and mages. The player admits to always prioritizing ADCs in their gameplay, regardless of the state of the game, but attributes this to their Silver mentality.

Completing the Perfectionist challenge in League of Legends is no small feat, and AzukAnon’s insights into the toughest role offer valuable information to players attempting this daunting task.

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