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Week 2 of EU LCS Spring 2015: Standouts and Underperformers in Fantasy

EU Week 2 Studs

Top Lane – SK fredy122

SK Gaming’s top laner, fredy122, had a great week, earning over 40 fantasy points. His jungler’s support has helped him excel, making him a solid option for future weeks.

Jungle – FNC Reignover

Reignover, jungler for Fnatic, had an impressive week, scoring over 50 fantasy points. With a diverse champion pool, he has the potential to improve and is a great starter for Week 3.

Mid Lane – EL Froggen

EL Froggen, mid laner for Elements, is a reliable carry who consistently earns a high number of fantasy points. As long as he’s not playing utility mid laners, he’ll continue to put up big numbers.

AD – EL Rekkles

Rekkles, the AD carry for Elements, had a strong week, scoring over 70 fantasy points. He’s back to form and is expected to continue earning high points in the upcoming weeks.

Support – FNC YellOwStaR

YellOwStaR, support for Fnatic, excelled in the hard engage support role this week, playing Leona. He’s comfortable on this champion and is expected to have another great performance in Week 3.

Team – SK Gaming

SK Gaming is currently regarded as the best team in Europe due to their strong pick and ban phase, knowledge of lane swapping, focus on objectives, and overall team play.

EU Week 2 Duds

Top Lane – GIA Werlyb

Werlyb from Giants Gaming had a disappointing week, earning only 1 fantasy point. He is a high risk, high reward player, but as they face tougher opponents in Week 3, he is mostly a high risk.

Jungle – GIA Fr3deric

Fr3deric, jungler for Giants Gaming, had a poor performance and only scored around 4 fantasy points. He has potential in future weeks, but next week is not the right time to pick him up.

Mid Lane – GMB NiQ

NiQ from Gambit Gaming had a passive playstyle and scored only 7 fantasy points. He is not expected to have a breakthrough performance in the upcoming week.

AD – GIA Adryh

Adryh from Giants Gaming, ranked low in the AD rankings, couldn’t perform this week. It’s unlikely that he will bounce back in the next week.

Support – GIA Rydle

Rydle, support for Giants Gaming, couldn’t make an impact this week and scored only a few fantasy points. It’s best to avoid picking him up for the next week.

Team – Giants Gaming

Giants Gaming had a disappointing week, with their players earning a combined total of only 1 fantasy point. It’s best to stay away from them in Week 3.


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