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Unicorns of Love secure first place by defeating H2K

Unicorns of Love Prove Their Worth with a Victory Against H2K

Heading into 2017, Unicorns of Love were a team that left many with questions. However, after their recent win against H2K, it is safe to say that they have silenced the doubters.

Unicorns of Love were initially seen as strong contenders for the EU League Championship Series title. However, the departure of their AD carry, Veritas, earlier this month seemed to have a negative impact on their prospects.

But Unicorns of Love did not seem to be bothered by this setback.

Without Veritas, Unicorns have played a more cautious lane phase. However, when it comes to teamfighting in the mid game, they become a force to be reckoned with. Their strong performance in teamfights was evident in their match against H2K.

With this win, Unicorns of Love have taken control of Group B. Here is what we learned from their victory.

Exileh Shines as a Carry Player

This match showcased a face-off between two mid laners who were on our radar: H2K’s Febiven and UOL’s Exileh. Febiven has been known for his carry performances since 2014, when he made a name for himself by taking down Faker at the Mid-Season Invitational. However, Exileh has also shown his potential on the international stage, particularly at IEM Oakland a few months ago.

In the first game, Unicorns of Love relied on Exileh as their primary carry, especially on Katarina, who was a counterpick to Febiven’s Syndra. Despite the pressure that comes with being the primary carry, Exileh handled it with ease. He consistently executed well in teamfights, while his support, Hylissang, made impressive plays as Thresh.

The winning fight of the game came from one of H2K’s initiations. Though H2K punished Exileh for his aggressive moves, he managed to take down multiple opponents, including Febiven, and secure the victory for his team.

A New Jungle Challenger Emerges

H2K fought back in the second game with the help of Jankos, whose successful gank kickstarted a snowball effect. He almost replicated his success in the third game but was met with resistance from Unicorns of Love, who fought back evenly in the teamfights. While H2K had control over Unicorns’ jungle and secured the first Baron, Unicorns of Love displayed great positioning and target selection in teamfights. Ultimately, they outperformed H2K and turned the game around with a Baron of their own, securing a victory.

This series showcased Unicorns of Love’s strengths in various aspects of the game. Their bot lane duo, especially Hylissang, proved their skill. Xerxe showed his prowess as a dangerous jungler. Exileh demonstrated both game sense and mechanical skill as a carry player. They showcased their ability to split push and teamfight. Most importantly, they showed their adaptability and ability to find a path to victory even when facing setbacks.

With this win, Unicorns of Love have secured the top spot in Group B.

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