Top League Champions for Climbing out of Gold Rank

By Ishaan Khatri
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In the world of League of Legends, climbing the ranked ladder from Gold to higher ranks can be a challenging task for many players. It requires time, patience, and improvement in both decision-making and mechanical skill. However, there are certain champions that can make this journey a bit easier due to their damage and utility, as well as their versatility in team compositions.

Regardless of the lane you play in, whether it’s the top lane, bottom lane, or anywhere in between, reaching higher ranks will test your skills in any role. Here are some of the best champions to play when trying to climb out of Gold in League.


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After his rework, Jax has become a popular choice in Gold with over 600,000 games played, according to U.GG. His kit is relatively easy to use, making him great at dueling with melee champions throughout the game and providing a strong splitpushing threat. His area-of-effect ability, Counter Strike, allows him to dive into the backline, dodging incoming attacks and stunning enemies.


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Amumu is a highly-played champion who brings a lot of impact with a simple kit, making him an excellent choice for jungle players trying to climb out of Gold. His jungle clear is straightforward, and his game plan is simple: land a Bandage Toss on the enemy team and use his ultimate ability, Curse of the Sad Mummy, to lock down as many people as possible. Whether you’re ganking early or winning teamfights, Amumu is a reliable pick for various team compositions in need of a tanky engage.


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Looking for a traditional mid laner with catch, crowd control, and burst damage? Lux is a fantastic choice to add to your arsenal. Her early laning phase is manageable as she can clear waves from a distance with her Lucent Singularity. In the later stages of the game, she can lock enemies down and burst them with her Light Binding, Lucent Singularity, and Final Spark combo.

Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune is a versatile AD carry who excels with different builds. She can provide crowd control, attack speed boosts, and a massive area-of-effect ultimate ability. Whether you want to maximize damage with lethality, improve attack speed with her passive, or even build AP for support, Miss Fortune’s versatility makes her a strong pick.


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Heimerdinger has recently gained popularity as a support champion, and for good reason. His ability to apply pressure in lane by placing turrets makes it difficult for enemies to farm. Additionally, his turrets are effective for blocking skill shots and countering tower dives. Heimerdinger also offers crowd control and damage that can rival other supports.

In the end, climbing out of Gold in League of Legends requires dedication and skill. These champions can give you an edge in your quest for higher ranks by providing damage, utility, and versatility in different team compositions.

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