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Summoners cast their votes for the top League of Legends rework, with Poppy and Fiddlesticks leading the race.

League of Legends Champion Reworks: The Best Makeovers

League of Legends has seen numerous reworks throughout its rich history, with some landing successfully while others falling short. However, there have been a few champions that managed to capture the hearts of players worldwide with their impressive transformations.

Poppy: A Powerful Tank Gets a Total Makeover

When discussing the best champion reworks on the League subreddit, one name that stood out was Poppy. This powerful tank underwent a complete revamp in 2015, resulting in a stunning makeover that impressed players. Originally designed to isolate herself with the enemy carry, Poppy’s ultimate ability now allows her to single-handedly break up team fights or disengage by forcefully slamming her hammer into the ground, affecting any champions caught in its area-of-effect.

Fiddlesticks: From Goofy Scarecrow to Terrifying Nightmare

Another name widely recognized among the community is Fiddlesticks. This champion underwent a dramatic shift in appearance, lore, and abilities, transforming from a goofy-looking scarecrow to an embodiment of ancient evil. Fiddlesticks is now considered a mythical being used to scare children in Runeterra’s folklore. In League of Legends, he has become a true terror on the Summoner’s Rift.

Volibear, Warwick, and Evelynn: The Worthy Transformations

Other champions that sparked discussions within the community were Volibear, Warwick, and Evelynn. These champions underwent reworks that not only changed their appearances but also altered their overall aura. While they were not taken as seriously before, their reworks have elevated them to a level of awe and fear from both enemies and teammates.

League of Legends continues to evolve and transform its champions through reworks, breathing new life into the game. The revamped champions mentioned above are shining examples of the impressive makeovers that have captivated the player base. With each rework, Riot Games manages to strike a balance between preserving the essence of the champion while bringing them up to speed with the newer releases in the game.

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